Turkish bath

People have known about the benefits of steam treatments for the human body since quite a while ago. Almost every nation has its own versions of that treatment: the Russian Banya, the Finnish Sauna, the Roman Laconium, and so on. However, Turkish bath (Hamam) remains the best known SPA treatment option. Its main advantage is that it acts through humidity, as opposed to classic saunas using mainly intense heat.

Turkish Bath benefits:

  1. Very few contraindications;
  2. Efficient cleansing of upper respiratory tracts;
  3. Stimulates sweat glands, gently cleanses sensitive skin;
  4. Improves blood flow and accelerates natural metabolism;
  5. Balances the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves stress and tensions.

Combined with aroma and color therapy, Turkish bath is capable of really mindblowing, fantastic results, helping heal chronic conditions of respiratory tracts and skin.

Turkish Bath in Sochi at Calipso by Grace Hotels SPA center

Calipso by Grace Hotels SPA Hotel offers its guests Turkish Bath treatment for free. The cost of SPA services is included into our rates for all rooms and suites. You also get:

  1. Personal lockers for your things;
  2. Individual shower stalls with full vanity kits;
  3. Soft towels, bathrobes and comfortable slippers;
  4. Stable high speed wireless Internet connection.

Please note our Turkish bath is open for everyone. You can get extra information, inquire about our SPA center business hours or book your time in our Turkish bath:

  • Over the phone;
  • On our website (online chat or the feedback form);
  • Viber or WhatsApp chat bots.

Our receptionists also can answer all your questions right at the Calipso by Grace Hotels reception desk!

tel.: 8(862)277 70 81