The first time we rested in the mountains and were lucky to stay at your hotel. I liked everything very much, thought out to the smallest detail, good repair, thanks to the staff for their responsiveness, especially the guy at the reception desk (worked on 05/19/23) and the bartender at the grill bar. We'll be back again.



We rested in May in this hotel, we liked everything very much, delicious breakfasts, a good spa and a swimming pool. Thanks admin Max



We rested on the May holidays. Good hotel, clean hotel, delicious breakfast, friendly staff. It is located a little further from the road, but it is quiet and peaceful. The warm pool and spa is a nice bonus, very nice to relax after a pleasant stay.

Natalia Nikolaevna


I rested in your hotel from April 26 to May 2, 2023. A very good hotel, well-trained staff (which is still rare on the coast) - you can feel the European quality of education, which is why I go to chain hotels. Excellent housekeeping, just top class! The ring rolled under the bed, it was creepy to climb, but clean, "no surprises")). The teapot even shines from the inside! The scales in the bathroom, in my opinion, just a top! The hotel is quite new, so there are a lot of sockets, which is important in the era of smartphones. Hairdryer is so-so, rather weak, but it is. Swimming pool with always clean water, towels, mattresses for sunbeds, grill bar near the pool - everything is well thought out! The food, of course, is not 4-star, but you won’t leave hungry, and we must take into account that the season is still over. Smart waiters! The location of the hotel is simply amazing! Under the mountain, against the backdrop of lush greenery, it looks simply enchanting! Silence, which is not spoiled by construction work nearby - the forest still dampens some of the sounds. Five to ten minutes at a leisurely pace, and you are in the center of events))) In winter it is the season, and in summer just relax and give your lungs more fresh mountain air. In a casino where you can not only lose (win?) A small amount, but also enjoy the musical program, the feeling of a holiday and something "forbidden" and "not ours", various artists come with performances (on May 1, Shufutinsky was, if anyone still listening). All this is free. I will definitely recommend this hotel to those who like a quiet measured rest. P.S. Estosadok is very small, but everything is there. And do not forget that this is still a gaming zone, in fact, the only one in the country (Primorsky Krai and Kaliningrad are not rivals here at all), so the prices are appropriate, if Crimea is dear to you, then you are not here. The hotels are quite cheap though.



I rested in this hotel 10.04.23-12.04.2023. I really liked the hotel itself: it has an interesting design, very tasty smells (especially good EVERY time you enter the room). The staff is very friendly, hospitable, responsive. It was very pleasant to communicate with the staff and make requests to them. For them, just a separate praise! Very tasty, nutritious and varied dinners in the restaurant. It is worth noting the SPA center and the heated pool on the street - it really helped to relax and unwind! The hotel is located very well, from it you can walk to all the infrastructure, and at the same time far from the road, so the hotel is very quiet and calm. The views from the room on the 4th floor are also gorgeous 😍 I will gladly return to this hotel and not alone!

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