Family vacation in Sochi

Sochi is rightfully considered the tourist capital of modern Russia. After all, the city offers a lot of entertainment for tourists of all ages, which 
opens up the widest scope for planning an unforgettable family vacation. Moreover, if a dozen years ago it looked like a "standard" post-Soviet resort,
then after the 2014 Winter Olympics it has changed beyond recognition and can compete with its foreign counterparts.
What to visit with the whole family in Sochi?
In addition to clean, well-groomed beaches and warm waters of the Black Sea, today's Sochi pleases with an abundance of:

1. Theme parks with attractions;
2. Oceanariums, dolphinariums;
3. Architectural, natural attractions;
4. Interesting museums, exhibitions with master classes;
5. Routes in the vicinity of the city.

In addition, within the city limits you can find several indoor water parks, the exciting Skypark rope park, and more. And a 40-minute drive from the 
city center is Krasnaya Polyana, which is full of tourists regardless of the season. In summer, it is considered the starting point for most routes in
the mountains, in winter - a center for ski holidays for residents of Russia and foreign tourists.
Choosing a hotel for traveling with children

It would seem, what could be easier than choosing a good hotel? Especially in Sochi, where the choice is amazing with the abundance of options in 
various price categories. However, in reality, mistakes made during the planning phase can ruin the overall experience of a vacation for the whole.
Therefore, if you are planning a vacation with children, when choosing a hotel, it is important to ask: 1. The presence of a playroom for children, responsible animators; 2. Meals, including a menu for the youngest tourists; 3. The availability of the hotel in relation to the main entertainment; 4. The daily cost of living in rooms of different classes.

In any case, if you have chosen "Grace Calypso", we will try to do everything to make your stay in Sochi the most positive experience for both adults 
and children, regardless of age, preferences or financial capabilities of the family!