SPA preparation rules

The healing properties of mineral water, seaweed and therapeutic mud were discovered several millennia ago. But the active promotion of SPA procedures 
began only in the 16th century in the small Belgian town of Spa.

Over the years, the name of the city in Belgium was used to designate mineral springs and balneological hospitals around the world, and in the middle 
of the twentieth century the word acquired a new meaning and is used to describe Wellness oases in hotels and hotels.

It should be noted that if you have planned to relax in the SPA-complex, in order to achieve complete relaxation and maximum effect, it is important 
to follow the basic rules of preparation for the procedures.

Planning your day for spa treatments

Firstly, on the day of visiting the spa, you need to tune in to a good rest, eliminating any fuss and rush. Therefore, it is important to think over
everything, down to the smallest details: from the route to the salon where the procedures are carried out, to the clothes that will be on you. If you
have to visit a jacuzzi, bath, sauna, hammam or massage, it is important to take swimming trunks or a swimsuit, to move between the rooms - a bathrobe
or a large towel.

In addition, before going to the spa, it is important to read about the upcoming procedures, or ask for clarifications from the center's specialists.
After all, if you know what awaits you and what effect you can achieve, you will relax much faster. Moreover, in most cases, we are talking about:

1. Relieve stress;
2. Eliminate fatigue;
3. Improved mood;
4. Relief of muscle pain;
5. Anti-aging effect.

Moreover, such procedures can be prescribed by a doctor, as part of general therapy, due to the impossibility of visiting specialized sanatoriums.
What not to do in the spa

When visiting treatment rooms, it is enough to adhere to moral and cultural norms:

1. Do not create unnecessary noise;
2. Respect the privacy of others;
3. Disable mobile phones.

In addition, if you have diseases or other symptoms that are contraindications to SPA procedures, experts recommend canceling your visit to the salon,
or postponing the session until complete recovery

Spa treatments are energizing. Nevertheless, do not rush to check the suddenly appeared performance, because overstrain of the body on the day of the 
procedure can have the opposite effect. Therefore, if you are planning a SPA, it is advisable:

1. Cancel business meetings; 2. Postpone negotiations; 3. Postpone sports training; 4. Return to the office; 5. Attend noisy entertainment events.

Ideally - to allocate at least a day for a good rest for better "assimilation" and prolongation of the obtained effect!