Kids Club

It shouldn’t be a problem to find a good hotel with a kids club in Sochi, right? There are really dozens of hotels by the sea coast that offer all sorts of amusements for kids of all ages. What about Krasnaya Polyana, though? The ski resort is a hit among the extreme sports aficionados. It’s not a very popular spot for family vacationing.

Nevertheless, there are hotels like that here. Calipso by Grace Hotelsis rightfully called the best among them. Why? The reason is simple: the services of the entertainers responsible for your kids’ safety and fun, are included in our rates. That way we help the kids’ parents engage in their favorite hobby: skiing or snowboarding down the snowy mountain slopes.

Kids Club at Calipso by Grace Hotels

Why Calipso by Grace’s Kids Club is a delight for our little guests:

The best equipment;
Modern toys;
Action games;
All sorts of amusements.
Our entertainers are seasoned professionals who can win every kid’s heart. That’s why you shouldn’t worry that your kid might be bored there: we’re doing our best to make the time they spend in our Kid’s Club worth it!



9:00 Application "Dog"                                                                     10:30 Outdoor game "Mice dance in a circle"

11:30 Walk in the fresh air                                                               12:40 Free time

14:00 We draw the characters of our favorite cartoons                   15:30 Collect the puzzle

17:00 Game "Sun and Rain"                                                           17:50 Reading fairy tales

18:30 Sculpt "Underwater World"                                                   19:30 Scrapbooking

20:45 Free time


9:00 We sculpt "Hedgehog with apples, bear in raspberries"         10:15 Musical warm-up

10:25 Craft "First Snow"                                                                 11:30 Walk in the fresh air

12:40 Free time                                                                              14:00 We draw "Me and my family"

15:30 Outdoor game "By the bear in the forest"                            16:30 Collect the puzzle

17:15 Musical warm-up                                                                 17:25 Solve the puzzle

18:00 Scrapbookin                                                                        19:30 Reading fairy tales

20:30 Free time


9:00 We draw "New Year at the Gates"                                       10:15 Musical warm-up

10:25 Application of twisted napkins "Cockerel"                          12:00 Game "Cat and Mice"

13:00 Free time                                                                           14:00 Walk in the fresh air

15:30 Plasticine application "Autumn tree"                                 16:30 Game "Say good words to a friend"

16:30 Master class with the Chef "Cooking yummy"                  18:00 Outdoor game "We are grasshoppers"

18:40 Solve the puzzle                                                                20:00 Free time

THURSDAY - closed


9:00 Craft "Snow house with a miraculous Christmas tree"         10:30 Fizminutka

11:00 We draw "My mom is more beautiful than everyone else" 12:00 Free time

13:00 Walk in the fresh air                                                          14:30 Modeling "Heroes from the fairy tale Kolobok"

15:30 Outdoor game "Zhmurki"                                                  17:00 Reading fairy tales

18:00 Solve the puzzle                                                               19:00 Scrapbooking

20:30 Free time


9:00 Working with paper "Bouquet of flowers"                           10:30 Physical minutes

11:00 Drawing "World of Birds"                                                  12:00 Free time

13:00 Walk in the fresh air                                                         14:30 We sculpt "Fantasy knows no bounds"

15:30 Outdoor game "Mousetrap"                                              17:00 Reading fairy tales

18:00 Solve the puzzle                                                               19:00 Drawing "Pet"

20:00 Free time


9:00 Working with natural material "New Year's wreath              10:30 Physical minutes

11:00 We draw "Spring mood"                                                    12:00 Free time

13:00 Outdoor play                                                                     14:30 Walk in the fresh air

16:00 Assemble the puzzle                                                         17:00 We sculpt "Fruits, vegetables"

18:00 Scrapbooking                                                                    19:00 Reading fairy tales

20:00 Free time


Please note that the animators work only in the winter season!

You can get extra information on our Kids Club, talk to its staff, or ask any questions you might have personally at the reception desk, over the phone, using our online chat or the feedback form, or via mobile messengers (Viber or WhatsApp).

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