Finnish sauna

It’s not a secret almost any hotel in Sochi has a Finnish sauna. Most often, however, their use is not included in the accommodation rates. So, a hotel offering a sauna, and a free sauna at that, is a rarity. All the more so, if we talk about Krasnaya Polyana located at a distance from the sea or the mineral water springs.

Nevertheless, Calipso by Grace Hotels ensures that staying with us you would enjoy a relaxing Finnish sauna at a moment’s notice. One of the features of our hotel is a full-fledged SPA center which is absolutely free for our guests and which we offer for a reasonable price to every visitor willing to use its services!

Advantages of the Finnish Sauna:

General wellness effect on all systems and organs of the body;

Blood flow and skin improvement, vasorelaxation;

Efficient cleansing of upper respiratory tracts;

Restarting natural metabolism to fight excess weight;

Prevention of catarrhal diseases.

Nevertheless, to avoid heat contraindication issues or chronic conditions flare-ups, please consult your physician before visiting a sauna.

Finnish sauna services in Calipso by Grace Hotels

A free sauna equipped to the European quality standard is not the only advantage of our hotel. Guests who choose to stay with us can expect:

Custom-made service;

High speed Wi-Fi;

Lockers for clothes and personal possessions;

Soft towels, bathrobes and slippers;

Individual shower stalls with full vanity kits;

Please note that our Finnish sauna is open for everyone. You can get extra information, book your time in our Finnish sauna or ask any questions you might have:

Over the phone;

On our website (via online chat or the feedback form);

Using WhatsApp or Viber chat bots;

Additionally, staff of Calipso by Grace Hotels are always happy to talk to you right at the reception desk!

tel.: 8(862)277 70 81