What to do in the spring in Sochi?

Spring is a season of blossoming of nature, "waking up" and reviving after a long winter "hibernation". And this is most clearly manifested in Sochi. 
Indeed, due to its geographical location, the climate of the resort capital is considered truly unique and the heat comes here much earlier than in
other regions of Russia. And while dullness and gloom reigns everywhere, the resort allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the subtropics, accompanied
by flowering, bright colors and myriads of aromas "scattering" from the plants listed in the Red Book.

Weather conditions of spring Sochi
If you are tired of cold weather and want to feel the spring warmth as quickly as possible - book a train or plane ticket and go to Sochi. At the
beginning of the season, the temperature can rise to +15 ° С during the day, while the nights are somewhat colder - up to +9 ° С. After all, it is
at this time that the rainy season falls. However, everything changes closer to April: the amount of atmospheric precipitation decreases, the air
warms up to + 20 ° С in the daytime, but in the evenings the characteristic spring coolness remains. In May, the weather stabilizes: in the first
half of the month, the thermometers stop at around + 20-25 ° С and at the same time the water in the sea heats up (up to + 18-22 ° С), which gives
rise to the swimming season.

Excursions and attractions to visit
Most guides and travelers advise to start exploring the city with a leisurely stroll through the central part, smoothly moving to the embankment. 
Indeed, in the process, you can get acquainted with the architectural sights of Sochi, or see them from a different angle, against the background
of a riot of natural colors with the flowering of local flora.

A favorite walking location among tourists and locals is the Riviera Park, with its well-groomed flower beds, alleys and equipped recreation areas.
In addition, it is here that the world famous Sochi Dolphinarium is located, as well as the legendary Green Theater - the venue for most of the
concerts and exhibitions. Moreover, the entrance to it is absolutely free.
If you liked what you saw, the next point of the route should be the Arboretum - one of the most beautiful garden and park complexes in modern Russia.
On 50 hectares of land, 1800 various representatives of relict flora grow, collected from all over the world: from Australia to North America. And it
is in the spring that it reveals itself in all its glory: sakura, magnolia, mimosa, well-planned landscape design, many stairs, gazebos and ponds will
leave you an indelible impression.
Moreover, if you are not a fan of big and noisy crowds, spring is the best time for excursions around the city and its environs. After all, this period
is distinguished by the absence of sultry heat and long queues. In addition, most of the guides offer significant discounts for a small number of
tourists. Therefore, staying in Sochi in the spring, you can enjoy the culture, architecture, sights and natural beauty much cheaper than during the
high season!